I threw up this morning
It came out of nowhere
I wasn’t sure where to go
What to do
When the fluids flew
From my bowels to my mouth
From my mouth into the air
Like a disgusting water fountain
Spewing leftovers and spit
It was comical and sad
But nothing like a skit
And I dumped down, slumped down
Sat on my ass with my back against the bathroom wall
Inside my tiny bathroom stall
Those chilling marble tiles
Against my blazing hairy cheeks
The only solace a disgusting creature could receive,
A spray of stomach acid-filled relief

I sat on my ass this morning
Because I threw up in the sink
It was farcical at best
Feeling like I’d passed some sort of test
So I dare you now to go beat my score
Become a comedic abomination
Because when life gives you vomit in your trough
It’s probably best just to laugh it off


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